Hunt & Fish or Hunt Only packages; 180+ square miles, guided or unguided....


KaBeeLo Hunt Offerings

KaBeeLo Lodge offers a high success rate for bear, moose and grouse hunting in northwest Ontario Canada. Load up your freezers and/or enjoy some of the tastiest recipes our chefs can prepare for you when you get back to the main lodge.

KaBeeLo has 180+ square miles for bear, moose and grouse hunting, guided or unguided.  All our hunting packages include free fishing should you choose to do so...and tasty culinary preparation for your enjoyment. Our lodge chefs can cook your game meat or fish however you like for a truly tasty meal. We can either use your favorite recipes OR you can collaborate with our chefs and experiment with their favorite recipes. As we like to say here at KaBeeLo "Half the fun of Hunting is Eating!"

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BEAR HUNT                                        BIRD HUNT